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A Memorable Saint Valentine’s Dinner at RAA

Regina Angelorum Academy could’ve been easily mistaken for a romantic restaurant Saturday, February 5th for their St. Valentine’s Dinner.

Guests were greeted with a luminary walkway entrance and immediately met with a beautiful backdrop of romantic décor.

Valentine's Dinner School event transform school cafeteria

The guests were taken back by the school’s cafeteria and hallway as it was completely transformed into an elegant and romantic setting for the evening. The tables were covered with red tablecloths, the mood was set with soft low lighting, the height of the room was made intimate with tulle draping, and there were many beautiful touches of hearts and red and pink accents.

The room was buzzing with conversation of the 130 guests who were in attendance. It was a joy to see alumni, parents, friends, school benefactors and new friends of the school community all mingling together.

The welcoming culture of RAA was evident in the event’s romantic yet inclusive and approachable environment.

The warm start to the evening led into a seated, catered dinner paired with beer and wine.

The evening’s highlight was a talk given by Dr. Ana Samuel, Academic Director of CanaVox, a project of the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, NJ. Ana spoke on the Greeks' Seven Loves, and their importance and application to marriage and family life.

Katrina Tafuro, co-chair Parents Guild; April Readlinger, Executive Director of CanaVox; Ana Samuel,
Katrina Tafuro, co-chair Parents Guild; April Readlinger, Executive Director of CanaVox; Ana Samuel, keynote speaker

Regina Angelorum Academy is grateful to Katrina Tafuro, an RAA parent, who is responsible for the meaningful connection to Dr. Samuel, being that Tafuro stands as the Pennsylvania state representative for Cana Vox.

It was an honor for RAA to host Dr. Samuel and benefit from her expertise. She is a graduate of Princeton University’s Political Theory Program and The University of Notre Dame, where she completed doctoral work on the political theory and sexual ethics of Montesquieu.

She was the first executive director of the Witherspoon Institute in 2003 and transitioned to a research and teaching role there in 2010. In 2013, she helped to launch CanaVox, a marriage and sexual integrity movement that promotes reading and discussion groups around the world. These groups give participants up-to-date research drawn from natural law, philosophy, social science, psychology, history, economics and personal story telling.

canavox logo giving marriage a voice

She also enjoys teaching moral philosophy to high school students for the Witherspoon Institute's summer seminars. She and her husband, Diego, are the grateful parents of six children, ages 7-17.

It’s clear to see that Dr. Samuel is well-versed on the topic of love and marriage which was very fitting for the St. Valentine’s event. Being that her work is focused on marriage integrity it made for a truly Catholic supported conversation.

The evening wrapped up with a beautifully displayed dessert and coffee bar amidst continued conversation and a sense of community that filled the air.

The memorable, faith-filled evening couldn’t have been possible without ALL those who volunteered their time to make it happen. RAA is grateful to the Parents Guild, and the Lorenz family.

Many volunteered their time and resources to organize this thoughtful event—from the design of the invitation, the decorations, setting up the sound system, supplying the bar and dessert buffet to organizing the ticketing and seating arrangements. A team of volunteers even came in the day after to convert the space back to its original state, having it “school ready” for the following Monday.

RAA is blessed to have so many dedicated contributors. Even RAA’s own 8th grade ladies were very hospitable and helpful throughout the night.

Thank you also to the generosity of Renault Winery for sponsoring the Raffle for the evening.

Regina Angelorum Academy is overjoyed at the success of another school community event and the deepened relationships these events nurture.

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