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Continuous Enrollment at Regina Angelorum Academy

Regina Angelorum Academy in Ardmore, PA is moving to continuous enrollment, an efficient way for our families to manage enrollment from year to year.

We have been seeing tremendous growth! Parents are finding our school and are attracted to our unapologetically Catholic environment, unique classical curriculum, and our commitment to protecting the wholesomeness of childhood.

We appreciate that the RAA Catholic school community is growing and have created a process to make it even easier for our current families to ensure their children remain enrolled and part of the RAA family.

Effective January 2022, students currently enrolled at Regina Angelorum Academy will remain registered until they graduate, or until parents/guardians withdraw students through our online form.

We are thrilled to eliminate paperwork for our parents and streamline our overall re enrollment process!

Below is a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help our families understand how this process works and to anticipate questions you might have. Please read over the various FAQs below for further detail.

What is continuous enrollment?

  • Continuous enrollment is an approach to enrollment which is followed by almost all colleges and is being adopted by many private schools nation-wide.

  • Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, Continuous Enrollment is an opt-OUT process. In other words, if you’re returning to Regina Angelorum Academy after initially being accepted, you’ll never have to worry about re-enrolling.

  • Continuous Enrollment simply means that once your student (grade level PreK – 8th Grade) is admitted to RAA, they will be enrolled until graduation OR until the parents or school decides the student will not return.

What do I get from continuous enrollment?

  • A secured seat for your student next year. Less paperwork year to year. Simplicity. Peace of mind.

  • With increasing enrollment, placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought-after spot. With continuous enrollment, you will be securing a seat for your student until graduation or until you tell us they will not return.

How do families financially commit to returning each year?

  • RAA is changing the re-registration fee to a tuition deposit. This deposit will ensure that your child remains enrolled at Regina Angelorum for the coming school year. The tuition deposit will be due on March 15th of this year.

  • A non-refundable tuition deposit of 50% of one month’s tuition per family is due on March 15th 2022 for the subsequent school year. Your deposit reserves space for your child at Regina Angelorum Academy.

Does Regina Angelorum Academy offer payment plans?

  • Yes, Regina Angelorum offers four tuition payment plans: One time per year, twice per year, four times per year and ten times per year. The final payments are due by 30 April.

  • The first tuition payment for the 2022-2023 school year will be due on June 1st, 2022.

  • Please contact Mrs. Ann Coffey (school Principal) if you have any questions or concerns about this change. We will work to accommodate your individual needs.

I am (or know of) a new family that would like to apply. How do I get started?

I am enrolling a new sibling of a current student. What do I need to do?

How do I withdraw my student(s)?

  • If you need to withdraw your child(ren) from Regina Angelorum, please complete this form.

  • After the form is complete, we can then begin the process transferring the necessary information to your child’s new school.

  • Please note:

  • Monthly tuition fees are non-refundable. If a student withdrawals before the year begins 20% of the tuition is due. Withdrawal before December 31st, 60% due. Withdrawal after Jan. 1st, full tuition is due.

  • All financial obligations with Regina Angelorum must be resolved before transcripts and other documents will be released.

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