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Fridays In the Park With RAA

It was COLD this past Friday, but these kids didn't even notice! On these days with less sunlight, RAA parents and kids are taking advantage of Fall. What a wonderful way to celebrate another successful week and burn some energy before bed!

This time is so special and important for our kids but maybe even more so for our parents. This community is so encouraging and so inspiring. There is so much support, comradery, and fellowship to be found at the park. RAA Friday Park Days begin in September-November and resume in the spring.

Every Friday after school parents meet at South Ardmore Park so their children can play together. It is great for community building and the children love playing outside with their friends. It takes the pressure off arranging "playdates.” Our Fridays in the Park also make sure that everyone in the class has a chance to play together outside of school.

Regina Angelorum Academy is a private Catholic school located in Ardmore, PA. We offer a distinctly Catholic education for students from pre-K through 8th grade. Building our community is an important part of our Catholic education. Regular Friday playdates have become an important part of the RAA community.

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