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RAA Walk-A-Thon Celebrates Catholic Education

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Students look forward to our annual Walk-A-Thon each year. The students and teachers were joined by parents and other family members.

The Walk-A-Thon was dedicated to the recently deceased Fr. Michael Rock. Before the walk-a-thon began, walkers prayed the rosary for his intention. After the rosary, everyone left the school and walked to South Ardmore Park and made several loops around the park.

Students from Pre-K through 8th grade participated in the event. They were joined by about 15 parents who helped chaperone. During the month of September parents and students sought personal and business sponsors and for every $25 they raised they won a raffle ticket.

This year parents created more than forty prize baskets which were raffled off after the Walk-A-Thon. The 2021 Walk-A-Thon was an important fundraiser for the school. Through individual donations and with tremendous support from local businesses, we were able to meet our goal. Regina Angelorum is a tuition-driven school and fundraisers like the Walk-A-Thon help keep private Catholic education affordable for parents.

Regina Angelorum is a Catholic school that offers a classical liberal arts education. Our curriculum is different from other area schools. A Classical Curriculum forms students in faith and reason to sharpen the intellect and strengthen the desire for the good. The rigorous classical curriculum is focused on guiding students to an honest relationship with the Truth, who is Jesus Christ. Through that relationship, children learn they have a God-given purpose, and that they are a special and unique creation with gifts to be used in service to others. The Classical education we offer is a perfect fit for our authentically Catholic Pre-K-8th grade education. The Catholic Faith is lived out in every aspect of the school community.

To learn more about Regina Angelorum Academy, and to find out about the classical education we provide, contact us! You can email us at or call 610.649.1730.

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